Whole Body Listening


Tiffin City Schools, Tiffin, OH / Kennedy

Suzanne Reinhart, School Counselor

Whole Body Listening

Kennedy sitting quietly, looking attentively at the camera.


Students will listen to a story about the importance of listening. (ex. Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen, Howard Binkow)

Students will identify what whole body listening looks like, using Kennedy as a model.

Students will practice whole body listening.


Book about the importance of listening (see above as suggestion)


Kennedy’s treats

Worksheet (Kennedy’s Whole Body Listening - Page Three of PDF attached below)


Read a story to the class about the importance of listening and making a good choice to listen. Ask students, “How can your whole body play a part in good listening?” Answers should include that hands and feet need to be still so they do not distract the eyes and brain from thinking about what the speaker saying. As the lesson is being taught, point out how Kennedy is using whole body listening.

After discussing how we use our whole body to listen, have Kennedy show the students how well he can listen. Give multiple commands and reward him with treats. Discuss how well Kennedy listens and uses his whole body by watching Kennedy and also looking at the worksheet that shows him using whole body listening skills.

Have students demonstrate THEIR whole body listening by sitting on the carpet, sitting at their desks, standing in line, and any other examples appropriate to the particular class.
Pass out the worksheets for them to fill out correctly. Discuss.


Look at how the students have answered the “Kennedy’s Whole Body Listening” worksheet.
Ask teachers to report how students are doing with listening after this lesson. Follow up if needed.
Counselor and Kennedy will visit classes, unannounced, to observe how the students are using whole body listening. Counselor and Kennedy will compliment those who are using whole body listening.

Students will also be observed in various locations throughout the school year and complimented as deserved. Remedial lessons can be requested by teachers.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AP-LessonPlan-WholeBodyListening

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