What Would Brewster Do?

(Elementary, adaptable to older students)

North Ridgeville City Schools, Ohio / Brewster

Gretchen Herzberger, Title I Teacher

What Would Brewster Do?
Handling Emotions, Making Appropriate Decisions

Kids leaning against Brewster playing on their laptops.


Students will think about how Brewster handles different situations and what is the right/wrong way to handle them. (What Would Brewster Do?)

Students will discuss different situations they might encounter and talk about the right/wrong way to handle them.


Smartboard or chalkboard or flipchart

Worksheet (two are attached as part of the PDF below: one with Brewster's name, one with name left blank - for you to insert your dog's name, if you already have a dog in your school.)


Ask students, “What are some situations you have been in where you have had to decide the best way to react?” Answers might include the following: if someone hits you, if you are really mad at someone, if someone takes something that is yours, etc.

Ask students, “How do you think Brewster (a dog) would react in similar situations?” Answers might be the following: growl, chase after someone, fight, etc. (But we all know Brewster would not really do bad things.)

Brainstorm with students on the board situations and what are good ways and bad ways to react. Discuss if it would be a good idea to ask an adult to help with some of the situations mentioned.
Pass out the worksheets and have students fill them out individually. Once they have 3-4 situations done on their own, discuss.


Periodically ask students about how they are handling difficult situations and how they feel it is working. Do they feel they are making better choices than they did before this lesson? Ask them how it has felt to use the WWBD technique to make good choices. Each time you see students making a good choice, tell them that you think that is exactly how Brewster would react as reinforcement for their choices.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AllieProject-LP-WhatWouldBrewsterDo

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