Tuesday Tucks Me In

Grades 1-5 (could be adapted for any age)

Tiffin City Schools, Tiffin, OH / Kennedy

Suzanne Reinhart, School Counselor

Tuesday Tucks Me In/
Difference between service dog and therapy dog

Boy reading a book to Kennedy in the library.


Students will learn what service dogs are trained to do.

Students will learn what therapy dogs are trained to do.

Students will compare and contrast service dogs and therapy dogs.


A book (such as Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis Carlos Montalvan) or a brochure on service/therapy dogs from Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence or similar organization

A flip chart and markers

Paper and crayons for younger students


Read the book/brochure or discuss basic things that a service dog does for a person (opens cabinets, picks things up, etc). List those things on the flip chart.

Discuss basic things that a therapy dog does for a person (provides comfort, gives confidence to those who are afraid, etc.). List those things on the flip chart.

Discuss the training of both service and therapy dogs. (Both have similar training, but the service dogs will have more specific jobs than a therapy dogs will.) Discuss how dogs might be paired with people or facilities. Discuss how to approach a service dog and a therapy dog. Talk about what laws surround service dogs and their human partners and how that is different or similar for therapy dogs.

Make a list of the ways that service dogs and therapy dogs are alike and different.

Give students paper and crayons/markers. Have them draw a picture of a service dog at work and also another picture of a therapy dog at work. Share pictures and hang them in the classroom or hallway.


Based on the discussions, evaluate if students really understand the differences between the two. As students are drawing, help any that might not quite understand the jobs each should be doing to help people.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AP-LessonPlan-TuesdayTucksMeIn

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