Submit Your Own Lesson Plan

This is a simple page to give you the lesson plan headings in the order of our chosen format. You can easily copy and paste them into a Word doc, or whatever program you use for word processing.

Just select the headings below, copy them and paste them into a new document, and begin filling out the information for each. Once complete, email, along with any contact information and additional instruction, to:

Dan Wilkins
Director of Special Projects for The Ability Center

If you have them, be sure to add any photos you have taken of your activity. These photos need to be high resolution, that is, at the largest file size you have. This, so I can use them on both the website and the printable PDF copy at the bottom of each lesson plan. If sending from your phone, send to my email address above, and choose "Actual" of "Original" size when prompted. If you need help figuring it out, connect with me and I will help you through the process.

The Allie Project will give you credit in the document. We also assume and trust you have photo releases on file for the students in your photos.

Last, if you have mad writing skills (or even if you don't) we would love to hear your success stories. Should you have a beautiful moment to share, we would love to help you share it. After all, it is for these moments we became teachers or counselors in the first place. It is because of these moments kids remember us for the rest of their lives. Yes, we all want to be "that" teacher.

Send your success stories to my email above. If you would like help "polishing" it, I would be honored to help.