Needs Vs Wants


North Ridgeville (OH) / Brewster

Gretchen Herzberger

Needs vs. Wants / Making Choices

Photo of kids hugging Brewster in classroom in from of a smart board with needs vs wants lesson.


Students will compare needs vs. wants and talk about making choices based on these items.

Students will decide if their needs and wants are the same as or different from Brewster’s.


Smartboard or chart paper.

Student worksheet.


Define “needs” and “wants” and write these on the smartboard or chart paper.(For example, food and water are needs, but watching cartoons and buying a video game are wants.)

Do this same thing for Brewster’s needs and wants. (For example, Brewster needs food and water, but eating a box of treats or chasing squirrels are wants.)

Put an X by the things that are the same for children and Brewster.

Put an O by the things that are different for children and Brewster.

Ask why those would be the same or different.

Give students the worksheet and have them draw a line from the bottom pictures to the correct column of needs and wants.


Ask why each picture is a want or a need. Be certain each student understands the differences between wants and needs.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AP-LessonPlan-NeedsVsWants

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