Kramer's Community Service

(any age)

Wauseon Exempted Village Schools, Wauseon, OH / Kramer

Bobbie Simpkins, MS,CCC-SLP

Kramer's Community Service

Bobbie and Kramer working the Salvation Army kettle.


Students will continue building relationships with Kramer by observing him as a role model for volunteering his time outside of the regular school day.

Kramer will form bonds with community members outside the Wauseon Exempted Village Schools Campus.

Kramer will give unconditional love and be a positive role model for all community members.

Kramer will increase his trust and cooperation in social settings.


Holiday decor (such as scarves, pins, reindeer antlers, Christmas lights necklace)

Water/water bowl

Salvation Army stand, pot, and bell


Kramer and his human partner dress in holiday decor to greet people and ring the bell for the Salvation Army at a local store, such as Chief Supermarket in Wauseon, OH.

While standing or sitting beside the Salvation Army pot, Kramer is instructed to give a high five. Kramer holds his paw up and moves it in a circular motion after the donor gives his donation.

If a donor drops a bill, Kramer picks it up so the donor can put it in the pot. Kramer is told to come closer to the bill and commanded as follows: “Kramer, come,” and “Kramer, take it.” He then picks it up with his mouth and holds it until the donor or Kramer's partner takes it from his mouth and places it in the pot. If more than one bill falls, usually the donor gives the whole dropped amount to the Salvation Army. Often the donor stops again to have more time with Kramer.

Kramer likes to tell secrets to children. If a child approaches, he is asked if he would like to hear Kramer's secret. If the child responds “yes,” Kramer is commanded to sit. The child is instructed to kneel beside Kramer and to lean his ear toward Kramer's ear and say, “Kramer, tell me a secret.” Kramer leans over to the child's ear and sniffs at it as if whispering something to the child. Many times the child will imagine what Kramer said by telling his parents/grandparents that he will get what he wants for Christmas or that Kramer LOVES him!


Kramer's willingness to wear decor is observed if he tries to shake it off or pull on it during his tasks. Usually he tolerates items around his neck best. He is trained ahead of time to wear the reindeer antlers so he is used to them again when Christmas rolls around.

Kramer's attention and response to his commands are monitored so that he will complete the commands the first time they are given. Any commands he does not complete in a timely way are practiced.

Kramer's gentleness during the “tell me a secret” command involves direct contact with a child and must be done with care. Kramer must be sitting and focused at the time of this command. The gentle feel and the sound of his sniffing show his loving attitude toward the child.

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