Homework Hound

CATEGORY: Tail (can be adapted for any grade)

SCHOOL/DOG: Tiffin City Schools, Tiffin, OH / Kennedy

Suzanne Reinhart, School Counselor

Homework Hound is an ongoing program to help students complete schoolwork on time



Students will complete homework daily.

Students will understand the importance of completing homework and how it impacts school success.

Students will set homework goals and work to achieve these goals.


School Therapy Dog, detective hat (and a way to keep it on dog’s head), magnifying lens, incentives for students who achieve their goal, homework chart to track progress


Conduct an introductory class lesson discussing the importance of homework. Include information about how Kennedy learned his commands and how he practiced before becoming an official School Therapy Dog. Share the importance of extra practice by demonstrating how well Kennedy follows his commands.

Explain to students that Kennedy had to practice over and over to be so good at his commands. This program can be used in a variety of ways. It can be a classroom goal or a goal for individual students.

Homework charts are distributed for students to track their individual or classroom data. Kennedy, in his “detective garb” as Homework Hound, then makes weekly visits to monitor progress.

Another option is to have Homework Hound make random unannounced visits. Students/classrooms who have completed their homework to that point in the week or just that day can be acknowledged.
A popular acknowledgment is to have successful students’ or classrooms’ pictures taken with Kennedy.

Print those pictures and give them to the individual students or to the classroom. Add a note to the photo saying how proud Homework Hound is of these accomplishments.

Other rewards could be an extra class visit from Kennedy, a small treat (2 Skittles, etc.), or something along those lines. Rewards should be determined by the teachers and the counselor.


Use charts for individuals or classrooms to track how often homework is completed on time. Keep records of percentages of students who are on target with their homework...both in the classrooms and school wide.

Return to classrooms periodically to talk about how this project is working for students. Reinforce the idea that homework is helping students to learn through practice, just like Kennedy learned all his skills by practicing them. Recognize all who are working hard to improve their homework skills.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AP-LessonPlan-HomeworkHound

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