Helpful Information

On this page you will find information supportive of your efforts and therapy dog program. Below is a growing list of hints, tips, tricks, and technology available in downloadable/printable PDF format.

In your exploration of the web, etc., should you find other positive support tools, please share them with us. It will help us be the best curriculum we can be.

Picture of kids on mat hugging a golden retriever.

School Therapy Dog "Do's and Don't's" - A great checklist of tips to think about when bringing a dog into your school and system.

Steps To Acquire A School Therapy Dog - Helpful considerations for the process.

Uses For A School Therapy Dog - Ideas to get you thinking about what is possible.

AP-Information About AAT and AAA - Compiled from

Sample Counseling / Allergy / Fear of Dogs Letter - Use this as a template or guide for Announcement Letter