Artistic Ike Project

Grades 1-3  (could be adapted for older grades)

Bryan City Schools / Ike

Jackie Boyd, School Counselor

Art, Creativity

Children drawing picture of dog's head from an overhead projection.

colorful drawing of Ike's face and head.


Students will demonstrate creativity.

Students will follow directions and work independently with direction from the art teacher.


Black and white picture of Ike (or other animal or stuffed animal)

Colored chalk

Overhead or smart board to project large version of picture on screen

Worksheets of this black/white image to give to each student

Finished examples to show students


Project a lightly shaded black and white picture of Ike on the screen. Explain to students that they will use their own imagination to add color to their copy of the picture to make it modernistic. Show examples of possible outcomes.

Direct students to work independently to come up with their own artistic version, using various colors of chalk and shading/blending the colors on their picture. Talk about possibilities.

After everyone is finished, have students share their creations.


Observe how students went about completing their project. Have each student share their picture with the class, while noting similarities and differences in the finished projects. Ask students how they felt about this artistic experience.

Hang pictures in the hallways for others to see.

For a Printable PDF of this Lesson Plan, download this file: AP-LessonPlan-ArtisticIke

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Four kid's drawings of Ike's head put together in a four square, like an Andy Warhol painting.