“My advice to any superintendent, if given the chance, simply say “Yes” and watch as your building becomes a more compassionate place for everyone, parents, teachers, students, and dogs alike.”

- James P. Gunner, Ed.D., Superintendent


Welcome to The Allie Project

Our initial goal with this website is to share the value and benefits of having a therapy dog as part of your school's community.

This website also offers a growing curriculum of actual, working lesson plans involving therapy dogs to be used by teachers, counselors and schools to further their educational visions and missions.

The lesson plans are categorized into four groups: Head, Heart, Paws, and Tail:

Head: Lesson plans which encourage learning, reading, creativity, cooperation, collaboration.

AP-Button-Heart-sm Heart: Lesson plans which encourage understanding, tolerance, compassion, service, and altruism.

Paws SymbolPaws: Lesson plans which encourage health, exercise, and hygiene.

Tail SymbolTail: Lesson plans which promote or encourage fun, play, interactive games.

Additionally, we are building a repository of success stories to further share and celebrate the power and potential of therapy dogs in schools.

The Allie Project encourages you to use the information on this site to support your efforts to acquire a therapy dog for your school, or to improve the use of your existing four-legged colleague.

Feel free to explore. Learn how The Allie Project got its name on our About page (Cool story).

Check out our Lesson Plans and Success Stories. They are linked in the header above and footer below.

If you are currently working with a therapy dog in your school and have lesson plans to share, we would love to see them. Click the link in the upper right to share them with us.

Should you wish to connect with us for additional support, or to share your thoughts on this project/website, please do so through the "Contact" buttons in the header and footer.

Enjoy the site. May it help you to make a difference in the lives of the children you serve.

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